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Sporting and reliablePolyvalk


Vanaf€ 14.650 .00

Are you thinking about buying a yacht, and looking for a modern boat with good sailing characteristics, and that can be used for both touring and sports sailing?

The polyester ‘valk’, or Polyvalk, is a direct descendent of the famous wooden ‘valk’, designed may years ago by Van der Stadt. Thanks to many years of development and the practical experience of countless sailors, sailing schools and boat rental companies, today’s Polyvalk is a user-friendly, modern and sporty yacht.



Safe, reliable and stableVarious types and modelsYears of experience in development and construction


Length 6,65 mtr.
Width 2,00 mtr.
Ballast 150 kg
Sail surface
Total 17,50 m2
Mainsail 12,00 m2
With 1 reefing system 8,50 m2
With 2 reefing systems 5,50 m2
Jib 5,50 m2
Upright mast 6,50 mtr.
Including gaff 8 mtr.
Lowered mast 1,00 mtr.
Mast on crutch 1,50 mtr.

Polyvalk classic

Equipment: Polyvalk Classic


• Self-draining cockpit according to CE standard
• Colour: standard white or beige, other colours on request
• All-round PVC rubbing strake
• Aluminium mast, boom, gaff and tiller
• Mainsail with double reefing system 12 m², jib 5.5 m²
• Mainsheet and jib sheet provided with deck blocks and sheet cleats
• Genoa carriage with rails for jib sheet
• Halyards and topping lift cupsheet on pin rail
• Black polypropylene mooring lines
• Bisonyl sail cover
• Interior completely plastic, colour of choice
• Stern-mounted rudder or quarter rudder
• Hull, deck and cockpit in colour of your choice
• Sprenger fittings
• Cast-iron keel with 2-component epoxy layer
• Depth 80 cm or 60 cm
• Synthetic motor shelf
• Full boat inventory

Optional extras

• Special colour € 205,00
• Anchor box in aft deck € 280,00
• Rubber nose on the bow € 540,00
• Jib furling with drum above deck € 645,00
• Jib furling with drum below deck € 725,00
• Genoa with fittings € 645,00
• Swela tarpaulin for the entire boat € 959,00
• Ottenhome Heeg camping tent € 1.151,00
• Swela cockpit cover € 770,00
• Bisonyl winter cover € 384,00
• Antifouling on underwater hull € 455,00
• Spinnaker with fittings, mounted on the hull € 1.350,00
• Profile quarter rudder € 477,75
• Stern-mounted profile rudder € 353,00
• Sprenger Easy-mast lift system € 995,00
• Trapeze fittings € 325,00
• Trapeze harness on request vanaf € 150,00
• New Yamaha FL2.5 4-stroke outboard € 1.025,00
• New Yamaha FL4 4-stroke outboard € 1.345,00
• New Yamaha 3 hp 4-stroke outboard vanaf € 750,00
• Polyvalk braked tilting trailer vanaf € 3.995,00
• Polyvalk unbraked tilting trailer vanaf € 1.690,00
• Name on boat, per character € 4,00
• All-round piping or plimsoll line vanaf € 58,00
• Delivery transport € 1,95


For other prices, please contact us. All prices include 21% VAT, and are valid until 1 sept. 2018. Subject to price changes and printing errors.
About the Ottenhome Heeg Polyvalk

The Ottenhome Heeg Polyvalk
Ottenhome Heeg’s Polyvalk has been a popular yacht with sailing schools, boat rental companies and especially private owners for many years.

All Ottenhome Heeg’s Polyvalk yachts, from the “Classic” to the “Revolution” and “Racing”, are distinguished by their unparalleled quality, reliability, stability and diverse equipment. Every Polyvalk is built in accordance with the customer’s requirements, which means it can be adapted to every preference and every situation.

Polyvalk hulls are made by Breehorn in the Frisian village of Woudsend. This boatbuilder is a specialist in designing and manufacturing polyester boats.

As undisputed market leader in Polyvalk yachts, we can guarantee you all-out sailing pleasure off-shore, and minimal maintenance on-shore.

Please feel free to contact us.
On request, we can also work with you on building a bespoke Polyvalk according to your ideas and preferences.

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